A patented blend of concentrated naturally occurring Bio-stimulant

What is CAN+?

CAN+ is a premium, highly effective consortium of bio-stimulants that enhance growth and secondary metabolite production in Cannabis sativa. Based on a naturally derived mixture of lipids including phospholipids, sterols, long chain fatty alcohols, natural hydrocarbons and fatty acids. They work together to enhance biological functionality within living cells. Creating a cascade of affects in these cells that have direct impact and benefit on Bio-synthetic pathways in plants and micro-organisms. CAN+ acts within the root zone of plants, their rhizosphere and plant tissues to create a synergistic effect within the organisms themselves promoting greater yields and stronger plants.

How does CAN+ work?

Part of the action of CAN+ in Cannabis sativa is on the polyketide synthase pathways, considered to be responsible for the production of olivetol and other precursor Phyto cannabinoids. Olivetol is converted to olivetolic acid through OAC and forms the initial base compound for the bio-synthase of CBGA. CBGA is the precursor cannabinoid responsible for the formation of desired cannabinoids like THCA, CBDA and CBCA in mature cannabis flowers. 

CAN+ has been proven to directly impact the polyketide synthase pathways in Cannabis sativa resulting in increased concentrations of CBGA in maturing cannabis flowers. This Results in higher levels of desired cannabinoids like THCA, CBDA and CBCA in the finished final product.

CAN+ is also proven to enhance stem growth and overall plant vigour through the direct uptake of fatty alcohols like triacontanol into plant tissues. Increasing the plants ability to form Basal breaks associated with increased yields in flowering plants. 

In living soil systems, CAN+ acts to enhance the growth of mycorrhizae and other beneficial micro-organisms by promoting a stabilization of their cell membranes by making essential phospholipids, fatty alcohols and acids, sterols and hydrocarbons available to these organisms as they grow and develop. 

Why was CAN+ developed?

CAN+ was originally developed to help in yeast membrane stabilisation during high alcohol fermentations. But it appears that during the high stress cannabinoid synthesizing process in the various parts of the cannabis flower during bud formation, CAN+ also gives the cannabis plant the ability to produce higher levels of cannabinoids while at the same time increasing the plants overall growth rate and vigour. CAN+ also partially acts by promoting healthy functionality of beneficial micro-organisms in the soil.

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