Rosin Bags


Our rosin bags are manufactured using a food grade nylon mesh that we bring in per meter and sew on site. A 120mm x 120mm piece of mesh is folded in half and secured using a single line flat stitching. Our Rosin bags are then folded inside out and pressed flat before packaging in to packs of 10 bags.

We also offer custom sizing as well as custom mesh variants on orders of 1000 units +.

One of the newest and most sought after extracts to the world of herbal extraction is Rosin. Which is a means of removing herbal resins through heat and pressure. Heat is used to liquefy the sticky plant resins and pressure is used to force this soft solid to the sides of its source for collection. Heat and pressure is used to create an environment that is conducive to the leeching of the herbs resin away from the material, through the mesh bags and onto parchment paper for later collection.

Micron Rosin Bags

120 Micron – Used predominantly for flower

38 Micron - Used to process Hash primarily

25 Micron – Used to process Hash primarily



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Rosin Bags

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