About Us

FullMelt Filtration manufactures industry grade mechanical herbal extraction equipment, also known as Bubble Hash Bags or Ice water Sieves. We aim to promote the use of mechanical herbal extraction equipment as an easy alternative to creating solvent free plant resins, safely.

It is our mission to promote the understanding of mechanical extraction both in practice and theory and provide the tools and resources necessary to learn and develop your art as a Resin Collector.


The vision of FullMelt Filtration is to see the community at large value Solvent Free Extracts as the standard for production. A Solvent Free Extract aka Solventless extract is an extract that does not contain residual solvents. The easiest and most cost effective means of achieving these forms of extracts is through mechanical separation and collection. It is our goal that in time we will all see the value of Solvent Free extracts as an industry standard and something that can be made almost anywhere with inputs that are cheap and easily sourced.

We aim to offer the best end user support in the industry. If you don’t love the products you have purchased from us, one of our Resin Collection experts will work with you to solve the problem. We stand behind every product that we sell. Most of the time if there is an issue, it’s a simple fix, so let us help you!

Full Melt Filtration manufactures industry grade mechanical herbal extraction equipment

What we Sell

  • Hash Bags
  • Hash Bag Sets
  • Consumables & Accessories

Our Mission

To provide the community with the most reliable and purpose-built Bubble Hash Bags (AKA Ice water sieves), on the market. Just like with making Hash, quality in = quality out and we believe the products we manufacture are no different.

It is our mission to continue to produce only the highest quality Bubble Hash filtration products on the market that are purpose built for making Bubble Hash. To go the extra distance, we have constructed all our products from materials that are designed to withstand applications far more intensive than making Bubble Hash. Giving you the assurance that the products you buy from us function exactly as expected over continuous and repeated use.

To help define a quality standard for Resin produced in SA. Using influence from the wine and craft beer industries as well as global leaders in the art of resin extraction. It is our aim to bring these world together and through our community develop a standard for Hash production in SA that is not yet seen on the global market.

We aim to promote and define the unique differences in South African’s terroirs, our cultivars, techniques and methodologies and how these factors and many other plays into this final expression of the Cannabis plant through our own will and intent.

We can only achieve these goals together as a community. FullMelt Filtration aims to represent this movement towards resin collection in SA as a means of promoting our unique environments and cultivars. As well as providing a platform for extraction artists to represent their craft and show the world what South Africa is producing.

Promoting the understanding of mechanical extraction both in practice and theory is as large a part of our mission as is providing precision-built tools, experience and community driven resources necessary to aid in the learning and development of the art of Resin Collection in South Africa and around the world.

Our Vision

The vision of FullMelt Filtration is to see the Cannabis community at large value Solvent Free Extracts as the standard for production both in the home setting and the commercial setting.

Part of this will be to define the quality standards for the South African producers so that we are representing a spectrum of the plant that is defined and relatable to a wide audience of consumers and how this definition is associated with the cultivar and terroir in which the material was produced, and the attention the crafts-person has put into their craft.

The interplay between the terroir, the cultivar, our methodologies and techniques is the dance we at FullMelt Filtration aim to represent and act as a collection and distribution point for this information through training and community engagement.

Giving our resin collectors the ability to express their unique cultivars, terroir, methodologies and techniques to achieve the highest quality product possible while working to achieve a defined fraction of the spectrum that relates to the South African standard.
We can not do this alone and we call on our artists to help us define South African Hash and allow our community the space to promote itself and its craft as a world-renowned producing country. Hash that is standardised reveals the quality of the material and the technique used to make it. Through the Hash we see the craft not only of the Hash maker but of the cultivator and of the plant itself – which is a direct representation on the ecosystem and environment the plant was cultivated in.

In doing so we aim to uplift the mechanical extraction community in South Africa and use the company as a means of actively encouraging the development of the Cannabis community and our Hash in South Africa and around the world.

With tailor made sets and patented mesh technologies we aim to provide the community with the most reliable and precise mesh screens and products possible so that we all can achieve the refinement we expect, repeatedly over many uses.

We want to hold the flag for Hash production in South Africa, giving our local artists the ability to compete and represent our country and their craft on the world stage and to do it as a result of our joint efforts as a community.

We are here for our artists. Without you we would not be able to do the work we do. We are grateful and will do everything we can to bring Hash and Hash production to the main stage in South africa and around the world as it relates to terroir, cultivar, mythologies and techniques on cultivating, separating and collecting Resin from the Cannabis plant.