Are our products reliable?

Our products are designed to last. We have teamed up with the global leader in filtration mesh manufacture to ensure that products we manufacture are made with the highest quality materials available globally.

How do I order products?

Products can be ordered through our online store front. Please click the Shop now button to be redirected to the store front.

How long will it take for me to get my order?

Orders made and paid for before 10:00am will be sent the same day as they were ordered and will be delivered in 1-2 days within Gauteng and 2-3 days outside of Gauteng.

If located outside of South Africa please confirm this with sales@fullmeltfiltration.com

What is Bubble Hash?

Bubble Hash is a Cannabis concentrate made with ice water and a cascade of sieves or Bubble Hash bags. Cannabis flowers or trim is submerged and agitated in ice cold water. The cold water removes the sticky resin from the cannabis plant and suspends this resin in the water. This water is then filtered to collect the cannabis trichome heads based on their size and ultimately their ripeness. the collected material is then dried and consumed as is or processed further.

Check out our blog on Bubble Hash basics, How to Make Bubble Hash and what is bubble hash.

Do I need 8 FullMelt Filtration Bubble Hash Bags to make Bubble Hash?

No, a full 8 piece set really is for the absolute pro’s and refinement royalty. The full 8 bag set is seldom used all at once even by the most experienced Hash makers as it is time consuming to use all 8 bags vs using 3 or 4. The resin collected in fewer bags also tends to be of a wider spectrum allowing for a better representation of the full plant rather than its constituents, but this is valuable too and to any one looking to wash either multiple cultivars to find the butter zones for each, or for researchers looking to understand cannabis resin on a deeper level.

Do FullMelt Filtration products come with a warranty?

Yes, our Bubble Hash bags come with a lifetime warranty on any factory defects. Check here to view our warranty and service guarantee.

We also offer a Fair Usage Warranty on our Bubble Hash bags for a minimum of 100 uses. This is the absolute minimum. We have multiple clients that have processed many more than 100 times but as nothing lasts forever and we want to ensure that our clients get a minimum fair usage out of the products we provide.

Check out “How to clean and care for your Bubble Hash Bags” for our recommended tips on how best to clean and store your bags after each use.

Why are your products more expensive than your competitors?

Simply put, our products are an investment and unfortunately premium quality materials for filtration specifically are not cheap.

We are proud to supply our community with products that are truly fit for purpose because they are designed to function in applications far more intensive than making bubble hash. Using Mesh technology that is actually used in the filtration industry and not just the screen-printing industry.

What is better about FullMelt Filtration mesh vs cheaper manufacturers?

All of the materials used in the manufacture of FullMelt Filtration Bubble Hash bags are FDA approved and food grade.

Our mesh is specified for filtration and designed for application far more intensive than making bubble hash or dry sift.

From refining flour for Sasko to the filters used in gears boxes for BMW and Mercedes our mesh is used for application where filtration precision and longevity is paramount and a definition of quality.

Check out our mesh specification list for more details on our mesh and its manufacture. Along with a detailed breakdown on how and why our mesh is superior to lower quality mesh products.

What side wall fabric is used?

Our FullMelt Filtration Bubble Hash Bags are manufactured using a 115GSM Poly-Oxford fabric that is coated in polyurethane (PU). GSM or Grams per square metre refers to the weight of the fabric and is an indication of how soft or light the material is to the touch.

The light feel makes folding our Bubble Hash bags over the rim of a 20L or 25L bucket easy and the Poly-Oxford weave ensures that the fabric remains durable.

The polyurethane coating is food grade, water and oil proof and ethanol resistant.

No part of our Bubble Hash bags are made of PVC – PVC is carcinogenic and will end up in the Bubble Hash made over time.

Our full FAQ information leaflet can be downloaded here