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Fullmelt Filtration Tutorials

The tutorials presented below are intended for educational purposes only. It is our aim to provide you with the necessary tools needed to execute the challenge of creating your own herbal extracts. An essential tool in any resin collectors tool kit is a fundamental understanding of not just the theory behind different forms of mechanical extraction, but its practice too. With this section we aim to provide resources that we have found instrumental in our development as resin collectors and we hope that they can help you too.

The Camping Washing Machine Method

Tutorial no 1 explains the use of a small camping washing machine as the tool and distinct agitation method perfected by industry giants like Frenchy Cannoli and Nikki T. Both of which calm that their is nothing that out competes the easy and agitation perfection that can come from the correct use of this tool.  To view the entire tutorial please use this link

The Fullmelt Preferred Set-up Method

Tutorial no 2 explains the preferred Fullmelt Filtration setup method.  To view the entire tutorial please use this link

Resin Collection Guide

Tutorial no 3 covers the Beginners guide to ice water hash separation and collection: Manual agitation and 3 tier sieve collection.  To view the entire tutorial please use this link

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