Warranty and Service Guarantee

FullMelt Filtration offers a lifetime Warranty on all of our Bubble Hash bags against any manufacturing defects or poor workmanship on any of our products. Our Bubble Hash bags have been stress tested by a number of beginner and experienced Hash makers throughout South Africa to ensure that the mesh, side wall fabric, design and construction performs as expected over multiple washes. 

If there is a defect that we did not notice when packing the products before shipping, please take photos and send them to us at info@fullmeltfiltration.com along with a detailed explanation of the defect and how you came across it. We will work with you to figure out what may have happened and if we need to see the product in person we will pay to have it shipped back to us for further review. If we are at fault, we will replace the defective Bubble Hash bag with a new one void of any defects. If we feel we need more information we will ask to build on our conversation to find out more about the defect and how it could have occurred. 

And although we have not come across any examples yet, unfortunately, nothing lasts for ever. So to ensure that you get the most out of your product we also offer a Fair Usage Warranty on a minimum of 100 washes, provided proper use guide lines have been followed as per the instructions provided.

We are here to help and ensure that your experience with our products and our company is satisfactory. If you have not achieved the results you had expected while using any of our products. Let’s Hash it out, there are often small tips and tricks that go a long way to ensuring that your final result is the best representation of the material processed. 

A few more points on our Warranty and Returns policies

Returns Policy

  • All of our products can be returned within working 15 days after receiving the product, provided the product is unopened, unused and still in its original packaging.
  • If the product is void of any defects and you simply do not want the products, you will be responsible for the courier cost for delivery. We will issue you a full refund upon receiving the products, clean, unused and in their original packaging. 
  • Any used or damaged items will not be refunded.

Lifespan Warranty Policy

  • Our Lifetime warranty applies to products that have manufacturing defects or poor workmanship faults and does not cover damage caused by misuse of the product.
  • Any defects will be replaced immediately, following physical review of the products.
  • All courier fees will be covered by FullMelt Filtration if found to be at fault. 
  • Any defective products will be reviewed individually.

If you would like to return any of our products please contact Jayden@fullmeltfiltration.com to discuss the matter in more detail. Again, we aim to please and if we are at fault, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your experience with us is satisfactory, within reason.