On a theoretical level, both Solvent based and Mechanical extraction techniques can yield Solvent Free herbal extracts through the appropriate execution of three distinct processes:

  1. First the resin is to be liberated from its herbal source through the use of an environmental and/or chemical stimulation.
  2. Once liberated the crude resin solution is collected.
  3. It is then purified, leaving behind a herbal extract free of any residual solvents used in its extraction.

The act of liberating herbal resins from their sources can be easier to achieve through Solvents and solvent based extraction techniques as the use of Chemical solvents can greatly increase the solubility, and ultimately, the remove-ability of resin from its plant source. This is because the family of compounds used in solvent based extraction techniques and the compounds contained within the resin glands of many herbal varieties are similar and thus soluble. Once collected, the solvent must be removed from the extracted solution before it can be considered as a solvent free extract. This is where things tend to get tricky and without some skill and a little know how it can be difficult to achieve.

On the other hand, Mechanical extraction techniques do not require the use of any chemical solvents during their extraction process. This is because mechanical extracts are produced through the controlled manipulation of the hermetic elements. These elements, in combination with variability in temperature, pressure and movement, create an environment on and around the leaf surfaces of plants that are conducive to the dissociation of resin from its origin.

Once dissociated, the resin is then suspended in a solution of these forces, which readily dissipate leading to a herbal resin extract void of the mechanism used to extract it. This kind of extract is referred to as a Solvent Free extract because the mechanisms used to extract the resin are no longer present in the concentrated solution. Mechanical extraction techniques lend themselves to safer and more practical means of creating Solvent Free herbal extracts allowing for creative problem solving, making the mechanical extraction process more of an art form than a science experiment.

This is an ever changing area of extraction with a wide spectrum of techniques that enable specific outcomes. This is where the art comes in and really lots of time and patience learning how to produce a material that you value enough to vaporize or burn. This leg work can be exciting but it doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Get in touch with us. Full Melt Filtration is here for the ride and always excited to talk shop.

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